What is Coaching?

Coaching involves a unique relationship with a safe and trusting professional partner who will guide you to make sustainable changes to help create the life you desire.

It is a process to guide you in aligning your beliefs, behaviors, and feelings with your most important life goals. This results in significant shifts in your mindset, motivation and ability to manifest what you want

What Can Psychology of Money Coaching Do for You?

It can accelerate your ability to fulfill your financial, career, relationship and life goals. This can help you make powerful changes that will last a lifetime.

We emphasize positive psychology to build upon your strengths. We can help you to fulfill your most important ambitions and live with greater abundance, self-confidence, and peace of mind.

We coach you based upon your unique passions, values, goals, resources, obstacles and relationship with money. Discover how to:

We have coached and done psychotherapy for thousands of individuals (ages 16 – 80+), couples and families to change their beliefs, feelings and behavior so they could live with greater abundance, passion, fulfillment and peace of mind.

For over 30 years, Dr. James Gottfurcht, Founder and President of Psychology of Money Consultants, has been a licensed clinical psychologist, licensed marriage and family therapist, and UCLA Extension Instructor. He is also a Board Certified Coach specializing in money, relationships and life.

If you are interested in coaching or psychotherapy, call Dr. Gottfurcht for a complimentary phone consultation at 310-828-1818 or email Dr. Gottfurcht at

Watch the BBC video to discover the psychological challenges of acquiring sudden wealth.

Planners and Coaches: A Natural Fit?

Financial planners advise clients, but to whom do planners turn when they need professional or personal advice? For some planners, working with a coach for guidance on topics ranging from practice marketing to work/life balance is the solution


Bar none...the work that we did last year was the best thing I did for myself... Our sessions have had a major impact on my life... I see differences in the way other people are coached. For me, you are the right coach... Consider me one of your success stories.

Roberta Lee-Driscoll, CFP
Honolulu, HI

Dr. Gottfurcht has been instrumental in helping me develop my coaching practice, eliminate obstacles that were keeping me stuck, and polish my skills. His encouragement, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge gave me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed to obtain the results I wanted.

Claudia Franzosi
MA, MFT - President/CEO, Center for Success Strategies - San Diego, CA