Coach: Zoreh Gottfurcht

ACC (Certified Coach by the ICF); Associate Director, Psychology of Money Consultants

Zoreh Gottfurcht, ACC (Certified Coach by the ICF); Associate Director, Psychology of Money Consultants; business, money and life coach. She facilitates peak performance for her clients, removing their self-imposed obstacles, and empowering them in all areas of their lives. Using innovative strategies to improve communication skills and increase productivity, she specializes in helping to enhance the financial and life success of entrepreneurs, employees, professionals, managers and executives. She also works with individuals and business owners facing challenges and transitions in their business or career,

supporting them to increase their personal and professional success. She provides support and guidance for clients faced with the challenge of managing multiple roles and for singles seeking fulfilling relationships. She moved to the United States in 1978 and has coached immigrants from around the world. With more than thirty years of corporate and business experience, she has developed proprietary behavioral exercises, assessments and tools. She has degrees in coaching, business and English Literature and is a public speaker.


Bar none...the work that we did last year was the best thing I did for myself... Our sessions have had a major impact on my life... I see differences in the way other people are coached. For me, you are the right coach... Consider me one of your success stories.

Roberta Lee-Driscoll, CFP
Honolulu, HI

Dr. Gottfurcht has been instrumental in helping me develop my coaching practice, eliminate obstacles that were keeping me stuck, and polish my skills. His encouragement, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge gave me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed to obtain the results I wanted.

Claudia Franzosi
MA, MFT - President/CEO, Center for Success Strategies - San Diego, CA