USA Today 07/22/2014

When couples disagree on when to retire by Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY. Conflicts about retirement timing arise when one partner is forced to leave their job unexpectedly. Two-career couples sometimes struggle with the best time to retire that will suit both of their needs. He may be ready to retire, but she loves her job

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USA Today 06/22/2014

Retired couples wrestle over money issues by Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY. Retirees often feel extra stress about money because of scarcity and not earning an income. Couples are often at loggerheads on how to spend their money in retirement. She may may want to live it up a little, but he wants to pinch pennies

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CNN Anderson Cooper (video)

Watch the recent CNN interview with Dr James Gottfurcht and how the financial crisis is affecting weathly peoples state of mind.

BBC (video)

Watch the BBC interview with Dr James Gottfurcht.

Good Morning America Interview (video)

Watch the Good Morning America interview with Dr James Gottfurcht.

NBC Southern California (video)

March 29, 2012 Watch this NBC News television interview with Dr. James Gottfurcht where he reveals what drives people to play the lottery.

CNBC Interview (video)

Watch the CNBC interview with Dr James Gottfurcht.

Business Week 03/10/2008

When your assets are rising along with the stock market, it’s easy enough to ignore nagging unhappiness with a financial adviser. But in periods of financial stress-like now-simmering issues tend to come to the fore, whether they’re tied to an adviser’s performance or personality. Breaking up, however, can be hard to do. Griping about advisers

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Debt Ceiling Debate: Americans Anxious, Tense and Angry Over Cliffhanger By ELLEN TUMPOSKY July 29, 2011 Lea Bowie, who retired this year and moved to Florida, gets scared and angry when she hears about the debt crisis. "This thing is hanging over our heads like a sword," says Bowie, 67. "I’m terrified. I don’t care

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ABC News 05/02/2008

U.S. Loses 20K Jobs but Some Are Merchants of Misfortune From Auction Houses to Shrinks: For Some, the Downturn Brings More Dollars Employers cut another 20,000 jobs in April, the Department of Labor reported today. The reduction, while smaller than expected, marks the fourth straight month of job losses in the U.S., as many companies

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Journal of Financial Planning 05/02/2008

Planners and Coaches: A Natural Fit? Financial planners advise clients, but to whom do planners turn when they need professional or personal advice? For some planners, working with a coach for guidance on topics ranging from practice marketing to work/life balance is the solution. Over the years, Bedda D’Angelo, CFP, president of Fiduciary Solutions, a

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Vanguard 2008

Keeping cool during market turmoil Anxious about the markets? Who wouldn’t be, given today’s headlines? But the good news is that there are things you can do to cope with the stresses accompanying financial turmoil, according to Dr. James Gottfurcht, a clinical psychologist and an expert on the relationship between money, investing, and emotions. When

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Thomson Reuters 12/16/2008

Downturn spurs “survival panic” for some NEW YORK (Reuters) – A paralegal, recently laid off, wanted to get back at the “establishment” that he felt was to blame for his lost job. So when he craved an expensive new tie, he went out and stole one. The story, relayed by psychiatrist Timothy Fong at the

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MSN Money

Is your money making you crazy? Some people are born worriers, and when the economy is shaky, their imaginations go into overdrive. Here are five tips for coping with impending doom, real or otherwise. You can download a copy of this press article in Adobe PDF format.

Business Week 04/16/2001

After the Wild Ride: Investors have lost $4.6 trillion in the tech debacle, and a lot more than money went with it For a while, becoming fabulously wealthy practically overnight seemed to be about as easy as waking up in the morning and getting out of bed. That’s the way it was for Jon Simmons

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CNN Money 02/21/2002

You think like a million bucks: So you want to be a millionaire. Do you think like one? NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – By now, you’ve probably noticed that money makes people do a lot of strange things. Tell people they can make a million bucks, and they’ll do anything, whether it’s working day and night,

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Associated Press 30/04/2009

Money shrinks soothe souls of the tragically rich LOS ANGELES (AP) – Psychologist James Gottfurcht specializes in coaching people about their money woes, and as his affluent clients’ fortunes sink in these recessionary times, he’s getting richer. The L.A.-based shrink is busier than he’s been in 30 years of practice. He’s even had to hire

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Financial Planning Assn Journal

Laura’s Case: The Psychology of Money, the Psychologist and the Financial Planner What emotional issues or personality traits are coloring a client’s financial situation? Financial advisors often run up against client behaviors that obstruct the client’s financial success. The authors of this article, a financial planner and a psychologist give an overview of a process

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LA Times 10/29/1997

Some See “Herd Behavior” Behind the Market Swings In theory, the stock market works rationally and investors always exercise a disciplined calculus to part with their hard-won cash. But in reality, as the previous two days have shown so dramatically, there is a lot of raw emotion and frail psychology in the “demand” half of

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Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring lecture. The membership was very impressed by your body of knowledge and are already requesting your return at a future meeting. You had a wonderful way of bringing us hard facts rapped with your incredible sense of humor.
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Antonia N. Ludwig
MFCC - First Vice President,
CAMFT- Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Gottfurcht has been instrumental in helping me develop my coaching practice, eliminate obstacles that were keeping me stuck, and polish my skills. His encouragement, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge gave me the enthusiasm and confidence I needed to obtain the results I wanted.
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Claudia Franzosi
MA, MFT - President/CEO,
Center for Success Strategies
- San Diego, CA



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